Thursday, January 22, 2009

Coming soon to an internet near you.

What's up y'all. I am so bored. What I need to be doing is, well, something. I think actually what I need to be doing is drawing a picture of my friend Dani-Chan 05 as Chibi Sailor Moon. What will eventually go in this blog are my little scribbles and scrabbles and dabbles that I am too lazy to spend any amount of real time on. Drawing all those gutters with a ruler is the most time-consuming thing ever. By then, I have forgotten what I wanted to even put on the page. So pardon my laziness and my tendency to draw things only in pen right before I go to bed. That is how diaries are, and hopefully I shall be able to maintain the freshness of it despite whoever may be reading.
So as soon as I take myself to a scanner, I will have some posts up. Until then you shall view that which I draw on a tablet, darn it!